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Russia World Cup Stadiums: A Guide To Every 2018 Venue

When the World Cup comes around it’s always fun and sad at the same time to look at the unreal stadiums being built for the event. Fun because these structures really are a sight to be seen. Sad because is it really necessary to spend billions of dollars and risk lives for Russia World Cup stadiums that could possibly be abandoned after the tournament? 

Well that’s not for us to decide. Let’s take a look at the 12 Russia World Cup stadiums rating over 1,800 miles (nine of which are brand new costing over $11.8 billion) that will host the 64 matches of the 2018 World Cup. Please be sure to key in on my personal favorite, Ekaterinburg Arena. FIFA has a rule where a stadium hosting a World Cup match must hold 35,000 spectators. The Ekaterinburg Arena didn't pass that test, so the Russians got innovative to pass the 35K mark.

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Luzhniki Stadium - Moscow 

Embed from Getty Images

The Luzhniki Stadium. 

Russian Name: стадион лужники

Capacity: 81,000

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 72° / 54° 

Group Stage Matches: 

Russia vs Saudi Arabia June 14th

Germany vs Mexico June 17th

Portugal vs Morocco June 20th

Denmark vs France June 26th

Spartak Stadium - Moscow 

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Spartak Stadium.

Russian Name: Открытие Арена

Capacity: 45,360

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 72° / 54° 

Group Stage Matches: 

Argentina vs Iceland June 16th 

Poland vs Senegal June 19th

Belgium vs Tunisia June 23rd

Serbia vs Brazil June 27th

Saint-Petersburg Stadium - Saint Petersburg (Also known as Krestovsky Stadium)

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Saint-Petersburg Stadium. Photo: @FIFAcom |Twitter

Russian Name:стадион Крестовский

Capacity: 67,000

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 68° / 52°

Group Stage Matches: 

Morocco vs Iran June 15th 

Russia vs Egypt June 19th 

Brazil vs Costa Rica June 22nd 

Nigeria vs Argentina June 26th 

Fisht Olympic Stadium - Sochi 

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Fisht Stadium. Photo: @Lingu_Ana | Twitter

Russian Name: Олимпийский стадион Фишт

Capacity: 47,659 

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 76° / 62°

Group Stage Matches: 

Portugal vs Spain June 15th 

Belgium vs Panama June 18th

Germany vs Sweden June 23rd 

Australia vs Peru June 26th

Samara Arena - Samara (Also known as Cosmos Arena) 

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Samara Arena. Photo: Wikimedia Commons | Muffi

Russian Name: Космос Арена

Capacity: 44,918

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 77° / 57°

Group Stage Matches: 

Costa Rica vs Serbia June 17th 

Denmark vs Australia June 21st 

Uruguay vs RussiaJune 25th

Senegal vs Colombia June 28th

Kazan Arena - Kazan

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Kazan Arena. Photo: @Lingu_Ana | Twitter

Russian name: Казань Арена

Capacity: 45,379

Average Temperature High/Low (°F)74° / 55°

Group Stage Matches: 

France vs Australia June 16th

Iran vs Spain June 20th

Poland vs Colombia June 24th 

South Korea vs Germany June 27th

Rostov Arena - Rostov-on-Don 

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Rostov Arena. Photo:

Russian Name: Ростов Арена

Capacity: 45,000

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 79° / 60°

Group Stage Matches: 

Brazil vs Switzerland June 17th

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia June 20th

South Korea vs Mexico June 23rd 

Iceland vs Croatia June 26th

Volgograd Arena - Volgograd 

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Volgograd Arena. Photo:

Russian Name: Волгоград Арена

Capacity: 44,918

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 81° / 62°

Group Stage Matches: 

Tunisia vs England June 18th

Nigeria vs Iceland June 22nd 

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt June 25th

Japan vs Poland June 28th

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium - Nizhny Novgorod

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. Photo: @EvenKarpuz | Twitter

Russian Name: стадион Нижний Новгород

Capacity: 44,899

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 73° / 55°

Group Stage Matches: 

Sweden vs South Korea June 18th

Argentina vs Croatia June 21st 

England vs Panama June 24th 

Switzerland vs Costa Rica June 27th

Mordovia Arena - Saransk 

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Mordovia Stadium. Photo: @hfabian777 | Twitter

Russian Name: Мордовия Арена

Capacity: 44,442

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 73° / 52°

Group Stage Matches: 

Peru vs Denmark June 16th

Colombia vs Japan June 19th 

Iran vs Portugal June 25th 

Panama vs Tunisia June 28th

Ekaterinburg Arena - Yekaterinburg (Also known as Central Stadium)

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Ekaterinburg Arena. Photo:@Ekatmid | Twitter

Russian Name: Центральный стадион

Capacity: 35,696

Average Temperature (High/Low): 72° / 52°

Group Stage Matches: 

Egypt vs Uruguay June 15th

France vs Peru June 21st 

Japan vs Senegal June 24th 

Mexico vs Sweden June 27th 

Kaliningrad Stadium - Kaliningrad (Also called Arena Baltika)

Russia World Cup Stadiums

Kaliningrad Stadium. Photo: @FootballCliches | Twitter

Russian Name: Стадион Калининград

Capacity: 35,212

Average Temperature High/Low (°F): 69° / 51°

Group Stage Matches: 

Croatia vs Nigeria June 16th

Serbia vs Switzerland June 22nd 

Spain vs Morocco June 25th 

England vs Belgium June 28th

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