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The 10 Best Released Or Leaked Kits For The 2017-18 Season

Plenty of new kits for the 2017-18 season have been released and leaked over the past few months, but now it's time to take a seat and truly take a look at which ones stand out from the crowd. Many of these are from well known clubs around the world, but some may come as a surprise to you! 

#10. Corinthians Away Kit
2017-18 Corinthians Away kit
@prosoccerkits | Twitter

2017-18 Corinthians Away kit

The black and white pin stripe combination is easy on the eyes, and it creates a really subtle idea of movement along the jersey itself. The jersey features white vertical stripes that are enlarged near the shoulders and narrow as they move down the jersey.

The jersey itself also features white details along the collar, as well as the date when the club won its first Brazilian championship after a 23-year drought.

#9. PSG Third Kit
2017-18 PSG Third kit
@ParisSG_Brasil | Twitter

The 2017-18 PSG Third kit.

While we still don't have a good image of PSG's third kit for 2017-18, it's been confirmed that it will be all black with silver trim. If it's anything like PSG's 2015-16 third kit, it's going to be a winner.

Along with the black jersey, the team plans on sporting black shorts and socks when rocking their third uniform.

#8. Lyon Home Kit
2017-18 Lyon Home kit
@cheapshopjersey | Twitter

2017-18 Lyon Home kit

With a predominately white base, the tonal adidas stripes on the shoulders and the blue-red block across the chest gives this jersey a nice, clean and simple design. This is also an example of a kit sponsor being worked in nicely and not ruining the shirt. The white shorts and white socks with red and blue stripes give the whole kit good consistency and a simple look.

#7. AS Roma Home Kit
2017-18 Roma Home kit
@Bo_Brhom_17 | Twitter

2017-18 Roma Home kit

Roma decided to stick to a fairly simplistic look for their new home jersey, and they absolutely nailed it. The jerseys are based on the second generation of the Nike Vapor template. The sleeves have a slightly darker tint than the base, which is drastically lighter than their current kit, while also featuring a nice simple black stripe running down the side.

A large difference that Roma fans will see with their upcoming kit is the return of black socks. The last time Roma used black socks was back in the early 2000s. 


#6. AC Milan Home Kit
2017-18 AC Milan home kit
@si_soccer | Twitter

2017-18 AC Milan home kit

Just pure class with this timeless classic.

#5. Borussia Dortmund Home Kit
2017-18 Borussia Dortmund home kit
@Thesolefootball | Twitter

2017-18 Borussia Dortmund home kit

The newly released Borussia Dortmund home jerseys have a taxi-like style to them with a base yellow and faded black stripes going across the jersey.

Dortmund also decided to stick with their traditional black shorts and black socks combination to compliment the newly designed jersey.

#4. Real Madrid Away Kit
2017-18 Real Madrid Away Kit
@madridismo9 | Twitter

2017-18 Real Madrid Away Kit

Simplicity is the name of the game, as we jump into our number four pick with Real Madrid's new away kit. The new away jersey gives the team a modern and futuristic look, while also still following a fairly consistent and simple design. The team decided to move to a black base, while also introducing a new teal accent color that compliments well while also giving it some flair.


#3. Real Betis Home Kit
2017-18 Real Betis home kit
@FT_Total | Twitter

2017-18 Real Betis home kit

As we hit the top three, Real Betis comes in hot with a jersey that is extremely simple but also sticks to the team's traditional roots. With a predominantly white base, the jersey features four green stripes that run vertically across the front. Real Betis will also be sporting white shorts and green socks, continuing with the overall color scheme of the jersey itself.

#2. Barcelona Home Kit
2017-18 Barcelona home kit
@footballshirt | Twitter

2017-18 Barcelona home kit

The new Barcelona home jersey has a revamped look of their traditional scheme, and it looks absolutely beautiful. The kit features a return to darker shades of blue and red, and the stripes visibly decrease in width as they move down the jersey.

Barcelona will wear blue shorts and blue socks, and, to give the overall kit some more flair, the shorts and the socks will come with gold logos and red accents to complete this masterpiece.

#1. Manchester City Home Kit
2017-18 Manchester City home kit
@fachrest | Twitter

2017-18 Manchester City home kit

When it comes to simplicity and consistency, Manchester City's new home jersey is king. It's glorious.

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