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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Becomes Iron Man In Upcoming Video Game

The world cannot get enough Zlatan. A dozen 24-hour networks devoted to Zlatan Ibrahimovic would not be sufficient. Fortunately, Isbit Games is helping fill the void by creating a new mobile game titled “Zlatan Legends.”

The teaser trailer does not give away much about the game play, only showing an animated Ibrahimovic head attached to a cyborg body. The metallic frame doesn’t come close to the magnificence of the real thing and resembles Iron Man’s suit without the helmet. 

In the trailer, Ibrahimovic says he thought there was nothing more to accomplish on the soccer pitch, but now there’s a new game with new rules for him to conquer. He mentions a new rival, someone he knows very well. We can only hope it’s Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Christian Pulisic, the only players who belong in the same orbit as Zlatan. 


According to Isbit Games, “Zlatan Legends” will be “a fast-paced, action-packed mobile game set in space.” Whether this will involve soccer or not remains to be seen, but as long as it involves Zlatan, count us in.

Isbit Games is, no surprise, based in Sweden, Ibrahimovic’s home country. They’ve produced such smash hits as “Warp Shift,” “Clashtag” and “Unannounced Project,” according to their website. This isn’t Isbit Games’ only relation to a Swedish sports star; the developer teamed up with Swedish apparel brand Björn Borg (named after the tennis player) to create First Person Lover.

The mobile game will be available in the Apple App store on August 17 and later on Google Play . . . But we’ve already got an exclusive sneak peak at the final boss

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