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Why Barcelona Don’t Care Neymar Told His Teammate To Go F*** Himself

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Neymar is 24 years old, and it’s just as easy to forget just how immature that age really is. Yes, there are plenty of footballers around the world who show maturity beyond their years at that age, but unlike Neymar they aren’t really worth mentioning. Neymar is ungodly talented, that much is clear, but he is the finished product. 

When things are going well for Neymar and Barcelona, the cracks in his character don’t show. He’s all smiles, tricks, hugs and goals. But when he goes through a rough patch, when, for instance, his team goes on it’s worst losing streak since 2003 and finds itself out of the running for the one accomplishment that would have objectively set it apart as arguably the greatest team of all time, he’s not so easy going. 

Neymar happy

Photo: @BBCSport | Twitter

Neymar’s form during Barcelona’s losing streak has been shockingly bad. He has not scored or assisted in Barcelona’s last five matches. Matches that have seen the club lose three straight and four of its last five.

His frustrations reached a head during Barcelona’s last loss against Valencia. He was set up as he always is on the wing, getting chalk on his boots. Jordi Alba dribbled up Neymar’s side of the pitch and Neymar offered himself for a pass. Alba ignored him and didn’t give him the ball, and Neymar proceeded to yell at Alba: “Go f*** yourself. What? What? You got a problem?”

Such behavior is not becoming of one of the best players on a team, let alone a leader.

Neymar is still developing as a player and a human being, only time will tell if he has the desire and the discipline to put such scenes as the one above behind him. Barcelona know this, and they intend to give him that time. 

Barcelona Director Jordi Mestre has said that, even in light of recent events, the club has no intent to sell Neymar.

"Of course not," Mestre said. "That is something that keeps coming up, but I have said it many times -- we are delighted with Neymar. And Neymar will not be sold. We have not even thought about doing it."

"This season he has been spectacular. For sure, that he has not scored recently, or things have not gone as he wanted, has brought out some comments, but they are pure speculation."

Barcelona are willing to swallow a little bit of misbehavior from Neymar now if it means they can get the best out of him, if it means they can get the player that scored 39 goals in 51 games, the player that can do this:

For the rest of his (hopefully controversy free) career. 

If he doesn’t mature, if his character becomes a hinderance to the success of the team, Barcelona can just sell him later. Until then, they will want him, just like every other team in the world.

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