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Trouble In Paris: Neymar And Kylian Mbappé Appear To Be At War With Each Other

Paris Saint-Germain has been electric in the club’s first three games of the season scoring 14 and conceding two. Despite the success, PSG has a clear ego problem between Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. So, why are Neymar and Mbappé fighting?

Neymar and Mbappé Feud

Two instances during PSG’s 5-2 victory vs. Montpellier are the focal point of the Neymar-Mbappé feud. Let’s look at what happened during Saturday’s game that has the media talking about PSG’s ego issues.

Instance No. 1: The Penalty Kicks

In the 21st minute, PSG was awarded a penalty that Mbappé stepped up to take. Montpellier goalkeeper Jonas Omlin denied the Frenchman with a diving save.

In the 43rd minute, PSG was given another penalty kick, however this time Neymar grabbed the ball and lined up to take the kick. Mbappé was visibly displeased about the Brazilian taking and then scoring said penalty kick.

The penalty kick drama continued off the pitch after the final whistle. Neymar stirred the pot when he liked a tweet from a fan claiming that Mbappé’s new mega contract with PSG lets him be the penalty taker and “owner of PSG.”

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Instance No. 2: Mbappé Goes For A Walk

This next clip is the one that has gone viral. During a PSG counterattack, Portuguese midfielder Vitinha didn’t pass the ball to Mbappé, which resulted in the superstar throwing a temper tantrum right then and there.

Rather than sticking with the attack and potentially scoring, Mbappé threw his arms up in the air, walked away and gave up on the attack.

Despite Mbappé scoring once in the game and Neymar bagging a brace, the tensions were high. Reports say veteran defender Sergio Ramos had to have an intervention between the two in the locker room after the game.

Saturday wasn't the first time Mbappé has been ignored on an attack.

Then again, he hasn't always been lethal in front of goal.

Other Rumors

One other popular talking point is Mbappé’s power at the club. It seemed all but certain he was going to transfer to Real Madrid this summer, however he was somehow persuaded to stay in Paris.

This has spawned the rumor that Mbappé has a huge amount of control at the club, and it was him who wanted to force Neymar out of PSG.

Neymar’s past woes and poor seasons seem to be behind him. After three games in the 2022-23 season, he has scored five goals and added three assists. The club can’t get rid of him now, so it looks like the two superstars will have to find a way to coexist.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi is stuck between the two just trying to get by and score some nice goals.

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