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U.S. Soccer Fans Upset After Top Twitter Account For USMNT News Inexplicably Suspended

United States men’s national team fans were shocked on Thursday to learn one of the top Twitter accounts for news on the team has been suspended. “USMNT ONLY” is as advertised, only news on the men's national team. The account had more than 60,000 loyal followers but now is no more. What happened to USMNT ONLY?

What Happened To USMNT ONLY?

Anyone who tries to visit the Twitter account will be met with this page.

USMNT ONLY suspended Twitter account.

This isn’t the first time USMNT ONLY has run into suspension issues. In February, the Instagram page with more than 100,000 followers was suspended with little reasoning. The good news is the Instagram page was recovered and hopefully the same will happen with the Twitter account.

USMNT ONLY does a fantastic job of sharing a wide variety media and news on the national team. My best hypothesis for why Twitter and Instagram would be suspending the accounts is for sharing copyrighted content. In Twitter’s official rules it states, “You may not violate others’ intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark.” This could be the reason for the suspension. The last video USMNT ONLY shared before getting suspended was a Sky Sports interview with American and Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch.

The Instagram account is still running and USMNT ONLY posted on its story asking for assistance with the suspended Twitter account.

USMNT Only Instagram story.

Other accounts on Twitter have tweeted in support of the suspended account.

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