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Wayne Rooney Is Sorry For Being Reportedly Drunk At A Wedding

OK, so here's what happened: Wayne Rooney got a night off from England duty after the Three Lions beat Scotland, and he ended up at a wedding reception where he was photographed looking like a very drunk person and also he reportedly played the piano nonsensically.

He is sorry.

A statement on behalf of Rooney explained just how sorry he is.

Rooney's statement, via The Guardian:

Naturally Wayne is sorry that pictures taken with fans have been published today. Although it was a day off for the whole squad and staff, he fully recognises that the images are inappropriate for someone in his position.

Earlier today Wayne spoke privately to both Gareth Southgate and Dan Ashworth to unreservedly apologise. He would like to further extend that apology to any young fans who have seen these pictures.

Most people who are not involved in the English FA (which is mulling banning players from going out while on international duty) and are therefore reasonable humans view this as much ado about nothing, sometimes humans drink alcohol and sometimes humans drink too much alcohol and wind up at a piano mindlessly tapping keys.


Some people though, like Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, think this is such an ado about such a nothing that they feel compelled to speak out about it.

“All the legends we love and admire drank like devils and smoked like crazy,” Klopp said.

Fair enough. Maybe if England fans want a return to the good old days, or whatever, they should encourage England players to smoke and drink more.

(H/T The Guardian)

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