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Van Persie, Rodriguez and Roche: Watch The Best Three Goals of 2014…In Lego

Every year, the blazered septuagenarians at FIFA House take a 15 minute break from counting their cash to select the best three goals of the preceding 12 months. Then we, you and us, the great unwashed of the beautiful game, are graciously given the opportunity to vote for the winner (though it’s unclear whether bribery is on or off the table for this particular FIFA-run election process). Isn’t that nice of them?

The victor will be announced on January 15, at this year’s Ballon D’Or ceremony. And to help you make your choice, the good people at The Guardian newspaper have compiled the three finalists in a handy video. Except, for reasons not entirely clear, they’ve done so through the medium of Lego. See for yourselves: 

You have three fantastic goals to choose from, and you can vote for your favorite right here. Now, if in true FIFA style we were seeking to influence the outcome (heaven forfend), The18 would strongly recommend voting for Stephanie Roche’s juggling juggernaut of a strike, which is even more impressive in digitized flesh and blood:

Go on, give Stephanie your vote. You’d be a block-head not to.

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