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After Six-Month Hiatus, Tobin Heath Scores From 30+ Yards Out With Her Second Touch Of The Game

Heath has been overcoming injury issues since January.

The USWNT defeated Mexico 4-0 during an international friendly in the pouring rain of Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday night to extend the team’s unbeaten streak to 43 games. The matchup was one of two games the U.S. and Mexico will play as a send-off for the Olympics later this month. The USWNT vs Mexico highlights and takeaways include the return of Tobin Heath, Christen Press continuing her insane form and lots and lots of rain.

USWNT vs Mexico Highlights

Mexico’s style of play for this game, which we’ll touch on later, provided an open game for the USWNT. The opening 20 minutes saw a mostly equal share of possession. 

In the 22nd minute a giveaway of possession at the back from Mexico was quickly capitalized by the USWNT. The combination of the Mewis sisters saw the Americans takes the lead through Sam.

I am all for calling the combination of the Mewis sisters “Mewtwo”. Shoutout Pokémon. Shortly after the goal the downpour of rain came. 

Christen Press doubled the lead in the 39th minute with a simple tap-in that came after some excellent ball movement from the USWNT.

Mexico got several looks at the American goal but couldn’t find a way through.

The second half saw the USWNT pull away from Mexico the longer the half went on. The moment of the match came in the 74th minute. Heath was substituted into the game in the 73rd minute. This was her first appearance for the USWNT since Nov. 2020 after dealing with multiple injuries. It took her less than 60 seconds to make an impact.

Tobin Heath Goal vs Mexico

With her first two touches of the ball Heath spotted Mexico’s goalkeeper out of position and winded up from practically the other side of Hartford. 

What a way to announce your return to the team. Any doubters of Heath’s inclusion in the Olympic roster can promptly sit down. The moment Heath entered the game it was as if the USWNT’s attacking threat increased tenfold. She will be exciting to watch in Japan. Welcome back Heath.

The U.S. added a fourth with Press netting a brace in the 85th minute to put the cherry on top of the victory.

5 Takeaways From USWNT vs Mexico

5. Mexico Deserves Praise

Mexico could have taken the same approach as Nigeria and Portugal did by dropping the entire team in defense. The Mexicans didn’t drop back and instead provided the USWNT with a new look by playing a very open game. 

Nigeria only had 28% possession against the USWNT while Portugal held the ball for 35% of its game. Mexico looked comfortable controlling the ball in the first half and had 41% possession throught the 90 minutes. Mexico deserves some acknowledgment for its approach to the game and style of play.

4. Crystal Dunn Is So Good

With the return of Heath and several other strong performances, it’s easy to overlook the shift that Crystal Dunn put in. The American left back did much of the heavy lifting and dirty work in this game and was all over the field.

Whether she was assisting in the attack or winning back possession, Dunn had a hell of a performance against Mexico.

3. USWNT Fans

The U.S. fans in Hartford were magnificent. They couldn’t care less that they were getting soaked to the bone. They were going to support their damn team. The fans chanted for the entire 90 minutes and belted out the “equal pay” chant a minimum of five times.

Another talking point I am interested to hear other’s opinions on is the “dos a cero” chant. Some USWNT supporters took to Twitter to announce their dislike for using a chant typically associated with the men’s team during a women’s game.

For all of my real ones on The18’s Facebook who read and leave comments, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter. I personally want to see a day when the USWNT and USMNT are tight-knit and aren’t two entirely different entities. That might be asking for too much.

2. Tobin Heath Is Back

I just wanted an excuse to watch the goal again. This time from different angles.

1. Christen Press’ Goal Involvement Tally Is Bonkers

With the brace tonight Press has been involved in 36 goals in her last 36 games. That is an absolutely ridiculous stat line. She’s due for an incredible performance at the Olympics.

The USWNT will play one more friendly against Mexico on July 5 before heading over the Pacific for the Olympics. The U.S. will play its first group game against Sweden on July 21.

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