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Transfer Rumor: Usain Bolt Will No Longer Join Manchester United Because Of Louis Van Gaal

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet and a long time supporter of Manchester United, has frequently reiterated his belief that he could turn out for the Red Devils. However, Bolt has now rescinded his own offer for a trial at Manchester United on the grounds of Louis van Gaal’s management style.

Speaking at the Jamaican Sportsman of the Year awards, Bolt reportedly said, “Well, looking at how van Gaal is, I don’t think I would ever want to be coached by him so I think I will put that on pause until we get a new coach.”

Bolt had previously stated he’d “be pretty good because I am fit, I am quick, I can control the ball and I understand all of the play.” Bolt must now believe that these attributes are clearly not appreciated in a Louis van Gaal-managed Manchester United side. In what will surely upset fans of Manchester United, he’s got a point.

For the absence of quickness, read Bastian Schweinsteiger. Memphis Depay doesn’t seem to understand the tactics and playing style anymore than Usain Bolt might, and Wayne Rooney’s control deserted him throughout the first half of the season.

Behind it all is the master of puppets, Louis van Gaal. With rumors swirling regarding van Gaal’s possible exit at Old Trafford, the doors may reopen to Bolt, at least in his own mind, sooner rather than later.

While Usain Bolt certainly wouldn’t help MUFC climb the table, is it really a worse option than sticking Marouane Fellaini at the forward position? Well, yes, but don’t tell Bolt that. We all need to dream.


Photo: @ukdealsonline  

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