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Transfer News: Is Andrea Pirlo About To Swap Turin For New York City?

We're not sure who originated this story, so we'll simply tell you that The Daily Mail - the Fox News of tabloid journalism - is reporting that Andrea Pirlo is set to accept an offer from New York City FC to come and spray cultured 40 yard passes all over MLS, once he's dispensed with the trivialities of a Champions League final. The story is being repeated by a slew of other media outlets, from Manchester to Madrid to Manhattan.

Big news, though at this stage we're still dealing in gossip and hearsay. The website have dug out an old quote from Pirlo which certainly gives a nod and a wink to his future intentions, but nothing more: "I won't stop playing; I'll go on as long as I have the same great desire to keep training every day," Pirlo said at the time. "Juventus will be my last Serie A team, whatever happens. MLS could be an idea, but for the moment I don't have anything; Juve are the only thing on my mind.”

Could it happen? Pirlo has suggested recently that if Juve win the Champions League final against Barcelona on Saturday - completing a spectacular treble for the Old Lady -  it would be the perfect time to say farewell. But how much of this story is informed reporting as opposed to 1+1=SEO Gold is still up for debate.

One thing is for certain, however: if New York City FC do manage to lure the Italian thoroughbred to the Big Apple, they'll have created the oldest central midfield partnership in the history of ageing sports stars. A Pirlo-Lampard pairing would bring fully 72 years and 363 days worth of experience and injuries to the pitch.

MLS: caring for Europe's ageing footballers since 1993.  

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