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Tottenham Pursue Brilliant All-Harry Strategy To Win London Derby

We haven't seen this much magic since J.K. Rowling wrapped up her 7-book series.

In a stunning last-minute victory, Tottenham scored two goals in four minutes to steal three points from West Ham in today's London Derby.

To be fair, it was two different Harrys who left West Ham standing around, stunned, looking like a bunch of muggles at the end of the match. 

In the early minutes of the second half, it was 20-year-old Harry Winks who created some magic as he put away his first Premier League goal in his Premier League debut:

But just as quickly as Tottenham drew even, West Ham came barreling back to score on a penalty after Vincent Janssen (apparently) fell asleep inside the box and allowed Winston Reid to get around him, forcing Janssen (also apparently) to bear-hug him into submission. Spurs manager Pochettino likely kicked himself as he watched Manuel Lanzini put the PK in the back of the net for the Hammers, as he had been about to substitute Janssen off. Timing is, of course, everything.


West Ham maintained their 2-1 lead right up until Harry Kane, who up to this point had been doing a great impression of a confused bystander, unveiled his master plan to be in the right place at the right time.

Son Heung-min sent a brilliant cross into the box which, when deflected by West Ham keeper Darren Randolph, landed right on Kane's foot. Kane's foot then did the thing that Kane's foot does best, which is sending foolishly deflected balls to meet their maker. Behold:

But Harry wasn't yet finished performing magic tricks...which is to say, capitalizing on opportunities created by Son Heung-min. In the 90+1', Son drew a foul to earn the Spurs a trip to the penalty line, and Kane was there to eagerly take said penalty and, with it, massive thanks and congratulations from the crowd.


What. An. End.

To recap, after a first half that saw Tottenham create as many opportunities as there are words that rhyme with orange, the Spurs came storming back for one of the more memorable finishes this season.


Speaking of which, coming into the match, the Spurs were the only team undefeated in the Premier League. If that sounds impressive, you haven't been paying attention over the past 48 days as Tottenham somehow managed to win not a single game. Like some impotent gunslinger, the Spurs drew in each and every of their last four Premier League matches – and lost a couple times in tournament play to boot.

So, this is a much needed win for the players and fans. And, of course, for Arsenal who will use it as motivation later this season to finish in 4th place ahead of the Spurs.

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