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Top Soccer Reads Of The Week: Premier League Managerial Debuts

We've reached the end of a long week here at The18, and what better way to celebrate than with some excellent soccer articles to get us pumped for the weekend. Jurgen Klopp and Sam Allardyce take the helms of Liverpool and Sunderland, respectively, and we say goodbye to one Real Madrid striker and lament the unfulfilled promise of another.

Top Soccer Reads Of The Week

1. How Northern Ireland managed to qualify for Euro 2016. (The Guardian)

2. Euro 96, or, the last time England were really good in a major international tournament. (These Football Times)

3. High school soccer may be on the way out. (The Guardian)

4. What does the future hold for Barcelona's young guns? (Deadspin)

5. What it's like to be a girl playing against boys. (The Guardian)

6. Remembering Raul, who announced his retirement this week. (The Guardian)

7. Robinho and the curse of too much hype. (These Football Times

8. Which team is the fourth best team in the world? (Grantland)

9. A history of Liverpool managerial debuts (SB Nation)

10. The Sam Allardyce story, as told by those who know him. (The Guardian)

Bonus: The18's 1000th community post! 

Top Of The18

1. Forgotten legend Chucho Benitez.

2. Barcelona wouldn't have been as good this year, even if Lionel Messi was healthy.

3. Can Big Sam save Sunderland from relegation?

4. The rise and fall of Robin van Persie.

5. What's next for the USMNT and Jurgen Klinsmann?

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