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The Top 8 Soccer Commercials Of All Time

Since the invention of the television, there have been television commercials. Sports figure heavily into the commercial sphere, and soccer is no exception, which is why we've compiled this list of the top eight soccer commercials we've ever seen.

1998 Brazil:

This was Nike’s main commercial leading up to the 1998 World Cup, starring the reigning champs waiting for their flight to France. Rather than a commercial, I like to believe that this security footage of what the Brazilian National Team does when they’re bored at an airport.

Lights out shooting:

With commercials like these, it’s hard to tell if there is any special editing involved. Seeing as it was Abby Wambach, it’s easier to believe there was no editing. Now that’s what I call lights out shooting.

Write the future:

This was Nike’s commercial leading up to the 2010 World Cup, featuring what the defining moments in the tournament could bring. You see both the good and bad outcomes of Wayne Rooney, which the bad is a bit over-exaggerated, as I’m pretty sure the English are used to disappointing World Cup performances.

Jose +10:

The imagination of two bored children with a soccer ball is something amazing, where a one-on-one game can be turned into a pick-up game featuring the best players of all time sponsored by Adidas.

Toddlers playing soccer:

The use of little kids in commercials has to be some sort of cheating because this is commercial is too adorable. It is also very nicely done through whatever methods they used to make it look like these toddlers are really doing all those moves.

Brazil vs. Portugal:

When you look at the Brazil and Portugal teams they had at the time this aired, you’d imagine the matches between the two would feature all sorts of fancy passes and dribbles. This is the closest thing that we’ll get.


Along with Nike, Pepsi has put together some good commercials featuring some of the most popular players. Here are two commercials showing the kind of humor Pepsi likes to do with their stars. The first one is a take on the Mean Joe Green commercial but this version features David Beckham and ends a bit differently. The second is Roberto Carlos learning about different cultures.

Take it to the next level:

This commercial stands out above the rest putting you in the first person view of soccer player going from playing in the lower levels to getting scouted by one of the top EPL teams to playing for the national team, all while feeling the experience of making it big in soccer both on and off the field.

Also, the kickass song by the Eagles of Death Metal really gets you pumped up. The next closest thing to feeling like a pro is probably playing career mode in video game.

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