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The Top 5 Bicycle Kick Goals Of The Decade So Far (In Matches That Actually Mattered)

It’s one thing to be messing around in training and hit a few lucky goals out of the air. It’s something else when it comes down to a single chance, in an even match, in front of thousands of screaming fans who will eithe make you a hero or villify you forever should you make it or miss it, respectively.

With that in mind, this list isn’t your average review of bicycle kick goals. Instead of examining the most "artful" or dramatic bikes, we've taken into consideration the match score and whether the goal in question made a difference when it mattered.

So, here are some of the most exciting goals in some of the closest matches:

#5 Joao Pedro: Internacional vs. Sao Jose (4-4)

The great thing about Joao’s goal is he hits it almost perfectly and launches a curving shot into the outside left corner, just out of the keeper’s reach. Catching the ball first-time takes some incredible skill. He didn’t quite get the inversion, which in fact might be why the shot worked so perfectly.

The sad thing was it wasn’t enough to get Internacional the win.

#4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Sweden vs. England (4-2)

Although this goal was into a wide open net, the distance Zlatan hit it from was incredible. Both sides must have thought, “no…. he wouldn’t try it." England keeper, Joe Hart, probably removed this epic event from his memory the instant it happened.

#3 Wayne Rooney: Manchester United vs. Manchester City (2-1)

A full inversion and some wicked power puts this near the top of the list. Rooney took a chance by taking it with his first touch. Without first controlling the shot, he could have hit it almost anywhere, but in this case he hit it straight into the top right corner.

A bold move for Rooney, and it paid off to help them win the game in incredible style.

#2 Saul Niguez: Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid (4-0)

If you haven’t already heard about this, you might have glazed over it thinking it was part of some satirical news site. Coming in the 17th minute, this was the second goal of the game, helping Atletico reach full velocity for a complete trouncing of their crosstown rivals. While this game wasn’t the closest, the goal was scored at a moment when the result wasn’t clear.

This is the worst loss for Real in the last 4 years, since 2010 when they faced Barcelona and lost 5-0 to the Catalan giants.

#1 Raul Jimenez: Mexico vs. Panama  (2-1)

Taking a touch to pop the ball up (probably not entirely intentional) Jimenez places the shot into the far left side, pinging it off of the sidebar. This goal came at an almost perfect time for Mexico in the 86th minute. Jiimenez won the game, and likely Mexico wouldn’t have made it to the World Cup if it weren’t for his incredible display of skill. He takes the lead in this amazing 2-1 victory for El Tri (Mexico) and closes the door on Panama.

Look across the 5 goals above, two are from this year - so hopefully this is a sign of more to come. The incredible stuff really happens when it matters, and history is only relevant in context.

Is a goal “better” the more skill it takes? Or when it matters most? We would say it’s a little bit of both.

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