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These Two Missed Shots Are So Bad They Will Leave You Wondering What Happened

Do you want to know what feels like it happened a long time ago? This, this feels like it happened a long time ago:

That was Javier Hernandez playing hero for Real Madrid in one of the biggest games of the year late last April, 4 months ago. 

That goal sealed Real Madrid’s spot in the semifinals of the Champions League, and you can tell just how important it was to him and his teammates in their celebrations; it’s not everyday that Cristiano Ronaldo runs after you in celebration of a goal that he didn’t score.

That goal sparked countless rumors that the then-out-on-loan Hernandez might get signed to a permanent contract at Madrid. That notion turned out to be false, even though Hernandez continued to produce as he saw more and more time on the pitch in the wake of that goal.

He returned to United this past summer with the expectation that he would get what he didn’t get last summer: a chance to prove himself under Louis van Gaal. 

For whatever reason, the Dutchman didn’t believe in the quality of Hernandez. This of a man that is famous for giving young players a chance, and a player that was one of the most precocious in the world. Surely, Hernandez supporters thought, the striker would prove himself this year. Unfortunately, Hernandez has done the opposite; that goal against Atletico might as well have been four decades ago. 

His performance against Club Brugge on Wednesday was a new low. Subbed on in the 64th minute when the game was already over, Hernandez proceeded to — how should I phrase this? — f*** up.  

There was this penalty miss…

…that resulted in van Gaal shooting this death stare to his assistant manager, Ryan Giggs. 

It was equal parts “I’m going to kill him” and “I f***ing told you.”

Things got worse for Chicharito, too. A lot worse. At the end of the game, he hit rock bottom with this miss:

Again, this poor play came at a time when there was absolutely no pressure to  get a result. Hernandez cracked in the worst way, under the worst circumstances.

His confidence is in tatters now. If he can’t figure out some way to find the form that made him a sensation when he transferred to United back in 2010, he could very likely see himself loaned out or transferred, again. 

And who knows, maybe a change of scenery is exactly what he needs. 

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