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These Top Clubs Could Land Chicharito Next Season

Hugo Sanchez recently said the following: “Chicharito has the mission in Real Madrid of making all Mexicans look good. I hope they give him time to demonstrate his quality.”

The Madrid legend is right.

It’s been some time since a Mexican player called El Santiago Bernabéu home. Even on borrowed time, Chicharito had a great opportunity to make a name for himself at Real Madrid, and show the world he was deserving of a starting spot on any team. He also had the chance to show the world that Mexican players could succeed abroad even on star-studded teams such as Los Blancos. That vision has long gone. No longer can we say that Chicharito has the ability to make a name for himself at Madrid. He no longer has the time to do so.

Hugo spoke of time, but unfortunately time was not on Chicharito’s side at Madrid from the start. Signing a one-year loan agreement meant that he had little time to spare in trying to unseat Karim Benzema as the first-choice striker. Now that it’s April, and with the season coming to a close in a few months, we can all agree that Chicharito has failed. Not for the lack of trying, definitely not for that. Hernandez has worked hard for opportunities, but there was little to no chance that he would break up the trio of Benzema, Bale, and Cristiano (“The BBC”) at Madrid or keep Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Radamel Falcao on the United bench.

The crazy thing about the situation is that Chicharito has quality. He has a natural instinct for finishing, great spatial awareness without the ball, and he’s eager to work hard for the team. He should be at a team that values his abilities and will give him the chance to play his game.

A super-sub at Manchester United, in his first season he scored 20 goals, most of them off the bench. The amount of goals he scored and the minutes he was given decreased after United bought Robin van Persie. In four years at Manchester United – he scored 59 goals in 154 official matches. Apparently he has the 4th best goals per minute record in the history of the Premier League.

At Real Madrid, circumstances have not been so kind to him. After his first brace against Deportivo la Coruna, he was rewarded with a place on the bench. One of the goals in that match was beautiful rocket. Overall, in 20 official matches at Madrid, he has scored 4 goals and has had one assist.

He’s had a great career with Mexico as well, establishing himself as an important player for the Mexican national team. Chicharito is close to reaching Jared Borgetti’s long-lasting goal record. Sitting in 3rd place, many expect him to break it eventually. He can arguably become a legend in Mexico – as long as he realizes the need to play for a team that will value him. At the age of 26, the man from Guadalajara should no longer be warming the bench. He should be one of the players the coach names right off the bat on his list of starters. With that being said, here are the teams that Chicharito could go to during the summer transfer window.

Inter Milan

Photo: 101greatgoals | Twitter

Manager Roberto Mancini could very well be lining up a bid for Chicharito, and Inter Milan would be a good place for him. Inter Milan haven’t done well in past seasons and have failed to do well this season, which is why they are in need of a player that can score crucial goals when they are trailing or when there’s five minutes on the clock. Chicharito would fit right in as well, with former Red Devil Nemanja Vidic able to support him integrating into the club. He would also have the chance to play for team that is known for its place in the Champions League, even though the team has failed to reach it in past seasons and won’t likely play in it next season. Regardless, Chicharito would most likely get playing time at the Club and the Club would appreciate his goals and overall contribution.


Chicharito could possibly stay in England and exact revenge against his former employers. Tottenham have expressed interest in Chicharito, so Chicharito might end up calling White Hart Lane home next season. A few positives of him joining the team: Roberto Soldado isn’t the man who did so well with Valencia. He has failed to shine and Spurs would do well to have another striker in the hopes of truly fighting for more than just a half-chance at a Champions League slot. Chicharito should be wary though. Tottenham treated fellow countryman Gio Dos Santos similar to how he’s been treated by Madrid and Manchester United. Gio was kept on the bench and hardly saw any minutes. Harry Kane has also sprung up as the first-choice striker and it’s difficult to upend a homegrown player, something Chicharito knows very well about. Chicharito could end up at Tottenham next season but whether or not it’s a good choice for him in his search for minutes is hard to say.


Roma has recently risen as a challenger to The Old Lady’s hold on Serie A. They will be playing Champions League football next season as well. They are a good team that can use another striker in their midst. Francesco Totti is 38 and, even though he is a club legend, he will most likely be looking towards hanging up his boots soon. With only Gervinho, Ljajic, and Iturbe as challengers to a starting spot, Chicharito could potentially get more minutes at Roma. Roma could potentially be a great place for Chicharito.


Another Serie A Club, Lazio would be another good destination for Javier Hernandez. Lazio will soon be losing Miroslav Klose. The German legend is in the twilight of his career and Lazio should definitely be looking for a replacement sometime soon. Lazio would be a great choice for Chicharito, more so than Inter or Roma. He would see more minutes and would probably be more of a focus on the field during those minutes. Stefano Pioli would be wise to bring him to the club. Chicharito would create a great partnership with Felipe Anderson and Antonio Candreva.

West Ham

Of all the teams on the list that could potentially give Chicharito a home next season, West Ham has to be the surest bet of a team where he would be virtually 100% to start. The team has been performing decently in the EPL (currently sitting in 9th place). Should Chicharito go, he would find a team and manager eager to use his skills to keep them in the league or manage a surprise attack on the top half of the table. Whether or not Chicharito is willing to go to a club without the prestige of Manchester United or Real Madrid is the question. Chicharito would have to settle for a team that hardly ever challenges for titles. Should Chicharito sacrifice titles for an almost guaranteed starting spot?


It would be hard for Everton to take in a player that once salivated at the chance of scoring against them. Everton, though, has also been showing interest in Chicharito. Currently suffering a drop in form compared to last season, Everton would do well in changing their formation to include a 2nd striker. That 2nd striker would complement the bulldozer that is Romelu Lukaku. As more of a predator, lurking close to the last defender, Chicharito would be a great partner for Lukaku. Chicharito would most likely get more minutes at the club, as well as a real shot at trophies next season.

Other Possibilities

Other teams expressing interest in Chicharito are: Valencia, Liverpool, Arsenal and Juventus. Valencia is a team that could be a good place for Chicharito. He would have another chance at life in Spain and it would be at a team that could give him minutes and title challenges. Liverpool is another team. His time at Liverpool would probably be similar to his time at Manchester United, and so too would it be if he goes to Arsenal, another team interested in him. Juventus is also rumored to be interested in his services, and with Alvaro Morata still developing as player, Chicharito would probably unseat him eventually if given the chance. Out of 10 teams, where should Chicharito end up next?

Photo: The10JamesFan | Twitter

Use that time on the bench wisely, Chicharito. Think hard about your next steps.

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