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Recent Study Reveals The 25 Most Valuable Players In Europe

Since 2013, the CIES Football Observatory has annually been releasing a list of the top 100 valued footballers from Europe’s “Big-5” leagues. It’s a fascinating concept because rather than just saying “Messi is the best, he’s No. 1. Ronaldo is second-best, he’s No. 2, etc.,” the Observatory uses an algorithm that factors in things like recent activity for clubs and national teams, results, ages, positions, current league of employment, the economic level of the current club, the player’s contract, player value, nationality and an estimate of the economic level of a potential buyer to come up with these rankings.

It is, of course, highly speculative, but it’s all in good fun. For example, Pulisic’s confirmed current value — by Chelsea’s valuation — of $73 million is a large number, but it’s only good for No. 81 in the top 100. The American falls between Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso and Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka in the list.  

Here are the 25 most valuable players in the world according to the 2019 rankings, and you can view the entire list of 100 by clicking here.

The 25 Most Valuable Soccer Players In The World 2019

25. Lorenzo Insigne — $120M 

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24. Alisson Becker — $121M 

23. Luis Suarez — $125M

22. Jadon Sancho — $129M

21. Trent Alexander-Arnold — $134M 

20. Ousmane Dembele — $138M 

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19. Cristiano Ronaldo - $145M

18. Eden Hazard - $148M

17. Paul Pogba - $149M

16. Bernardo Silva - $153M

15. Gabriel Jesús - $154M

14. Sadio Mané - $158M

Embed from Getty Images

13. Roberto Firmino - $167M

12. Dele Alli - $172M

11. Antoine Griezmann - $178M

10. Leroy Sané - $179M

9. Philippe Coutinho - $180M

8. Romelu Lukaku - $186M

Embed from Getty Images

7. Lionel Messi - $196M

6. Paulo Dybala - $197M

5. Mohamed Salah - $211M

4. Raheem Sterling - $213M

3. Neymar - $226M

2. Harry Kane - $230M

Embed from Getty Images

1. Kylian Mbappé - $250M

The most expensive transfer fee of all time is the $254 million that PSG paid to prize Neymar from Barcelona. That's followed by the $206M that PSG paid Monaco for Mbappe. As you can see, another Mbappe transfer — to, say, Real Madrid — would probably mean that the Frenchman commands the highest and third-highest transfer fees of all-time. (Although there's also the ever-present rumor of Neymar joining Real Madrid, meaning he could hold the top two spots himself.)

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