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Is The Strongest Man In FIFA 15 About To Tear Liverpool Limb From Limb?

On Monday night, Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool will travel 220 miles south to face the might of fourth tier AFC Wimbledon in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup.

Started from the ruins of Wimbledon FC by fans disgruntled at their team’s 60 mile move north and name-change to MK Dons, the club has only been in existence since 2002 and play at a ground (it definitely isn’t a stadium) with fewer than 2,500 seats. They’re currently 11th in League Two, making them the 14th worst team in the league structure and a whopping 73 places below Liverpool. A stroll in the park for the Scousers then, right?

Wrong. Despite their lowly league standing, AFC Wimbledon have one weapon in their arsenal that Liverpool definitely won’t be looking forward to facing: the strongest player in FIFA 15, Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Despite standing just 5ft 11in tall, Akinfenwa more closely resembles a Left Tackle than a soccer player; indeed, the 32-year old has been approached about making a switch to Gridiron on more than one occasion. Weighing in at a meaty 224lb, he can reportedly lift double that in the gym and makes Swansea City’s Wilfried Bony look like a scrawny prepubescent. As the man himself puts it, when Akinfenwa takes to the field “defenders know it’s going to be a workout.”

But he isn’t just about brawn and physicality; Akinfenwa can play. He’s scored 151 goals in his 12-year career and, as you can see below, some of them are pretty tasty. 

Given he’s also a boyhood Liverpool fan, it’ll undoubtedly be Beast Mode On for Akinfenwa come Monday night: may we extend our deepest sympathies to Dejan Lovren and Martin Skrtel?

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