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Steven Gerrard Just Keeps Saying All The Right Things Ahead Of MLS Debut

Steven Gerrard has been nothing if not genuine as he readies for his MLS debut. That, and funny. 

“I’m not David Beckham," Gerrard said. "I'm not as good looking as him.” 

Dry, dry humor, Stevie. 

In all seriousness, the Liverpool legend recently spoke out about he and the LA Galaxy, and if I were his teammates or an LA Galaxy fan, I would be incredibly excited after hearing him. 

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity and a big challenge for me at this age, and I can't wait to get stuck in."

"Without being big-headed, I feel I can contribute in many areas. I like to be an all-around midfielder, I like to help the team defensively and I also like to help the team going forward.

"I think you'll see I've still got some energy left, irrespective of what some people have said back in the UK.

"So you'll see over the coming weeks and months that I'll work as hard as I can, I'll fight for the team, with and without the ball and I'm looking to contribute in the final third.

"I'm coming into the champions, I'm coming into a fantastic team who are ready to win and if I can just add a little bit to that I'm sure the future can be successful."

Those are the words of a winner if I have ever seen them. He would also say that he has been studying the LA Galaxy’s games, its player and their movements as he gears up to perform on the pitch. 

Between all this and buying beer for the fans, Gerrard might as well write a book on “How to Be Accepted by Your New Club.”

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