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Sterling Turns Down £100,000 Per Week, Set To Pack His Bags In The Coming Weeks

Raheem Sterling is another rising talent from the youth academies of QPR and Liverpool. At the young age of 20 years old, he could be on his way to bigger clubs come the beginning of next season.

The England International has refused to sign a £100,000-per-week contract offered to him during the current season, and is expected to tell Brendan Rodgers he would like to leave Anfield. This could come as a shock to Liverpool fans, as Rodgers was the manager who broke Sterling out of his shell and gave him the opportunity to be a regular starting winger.

Ian Ayre, Liverpool chief executive, Brendan Rodgers and Sterling will all meet on Friday to discuss his future. Money is surely not the issue, but it could be fame that Sterling is after should he decide to join a bigger club like Manchester City or Real Madrid.

We’ve seen it all too many times in the past with young, sprouting players joining world powerhouses just to become another player on the bench. At Anfield, Sterling is guaranteed to be amongst the starting XI week in and week out, as he has already proved his worth to the club with seven goals and eight assists in thirty-five appearances.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard told Sterling to stay and play for a coach who “believes in him.” “I think there is no one better for him than Brendan Rodgers” said Gerrard before his own departure from the club.

Currently, Raheem Sterling is worth around thirty million pounds, and could draw a price tag upwards of forty to fifty million depending on the buying club. Until Friday, however, he remains a Red and will play in Liverpool’s last match against Stoke City.

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