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Sophia Smith has had enough — Portland Thorns star calls out NWSL’s awful officiating

Sophia Smith called out NWSL’s continuously awful officiating on Tuesday after the referees missed a clear foul on her in the Portland Thorns’ game vs. Kansas City Current game from Sunday. In the second half of Sunday’s game Smith was taken down in the box with a dangerous tackle from behind.

No foul was called, and one Twitter user posted the highlight asking how nothing was given from the referee. Smith responded, too.

Sophia Smith Calls Out NWSL Refereeing

Smith followed up that post with the video of her injury at Stanford explaining that dangerous tackles like the one on her from Sunday are exactly how a player’s season/career can be ruined.

The tackle on Smith wasn’t the only botched call from Sunday’s game. KC’s Elyse Bennett surely should have been sent off after a high kick to the ribs of Kelli Hubly. Bennett was only given a yellow card.

Hubly responded to Smith’s tweet complaining about the league’s referees with her own comment.

It’s no secret that the officiating in NWSL can be poor. Earlier this season a pair of the league’s referees were given a suspension after they somehow managed to turn a Gotham FC goal into a corner kick.

VAR will be introduced to the league in 2023. This will hopefully put an end to some of these horrendous officiating errors.

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