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Some Players Silence Stadiums With Goals. Ozil Just Did It With One Touch.

Arsenal vs Liverpool was one of the most exciting Premier League games of the year. After the dust settled and I realized that my Gunners had somehow managed to both satisfy and disappoint with a 3-3 draw, I could admittedly only remember the goals, the glorious goals. But what would come to my attention after the game was a single piece of skill from Arsenal’s #10: Mesut Ozil’s first touch in the 80th minute.

Admittedly, I found this on Reddit, twice, before I decided to write about it, but don’t let that make you think that this isn’t amazing. I am just incredibly jaded when it comes to soccer highlights and I need to be banged across the head two or three times with something for me to realize how awesome it is sometimes. 

Let me tell you, though, even my most jaded self cannot contain how beautiful Mesut Ozil’s first touch is here.

Let’s all take a moment to understand what has happened here. This has been pointed out to me; this has been flown in front of my face before I could fully appreciate it; So I feel obligated to make sure that everyone understands: Ozil made a hostile crowd go silent with a single touch.

Mesut Ozil's first touch

Mesut Ozil has been pulling off beautiful skills ever since he arrived at Arsenal. Photo: @NBCSportsSoccer | Twitter

Things have been making crowds go silent since there were any crowds to make noise in the first place. There have been horrific injuries and the classic dagger-to-the-heart last minute goal. There have been goals so unbelievable that everyone has to just stop and think about what they just saw. But never in my recollection has there been a first touch that made the crowd go silent.

And that cross he put in immediately afterwards? Cold blooded! That is the glory of Mesut Ozil.

For all the talk about how Ozil doesn’t score enough goals, about how he looks lazy and goes invisible in big games, this past year has been a revelation concerning what Ozil is truly capable of.

Keep on doing your thing, Mesut. 

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