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Forget The Silly Season, This Is Wedding Season

Ahh summer. Warm sunshine, no school, beaches, vacations, international B teams competing for second-rate trophies and, of course, weddings.

It’s wedding season in the soccer world and trophy husbands are being tied down by women left and right. 

Lionel Messi is tying the knot (and eating empanadas) on Friday, so a couple English Premier League stars got hitched this past weekend so as not to be overshadowed by he-who-overshadows-everything in soccer.

Manchester City’s creative spark Kevin De Bruyne got married and showed his love with emojis, as one does.

On the other side of Manchester, United defender Chris Smalling was celebrating his marriage. 


The weddings followed a couple high-profile proposals.

On Thursday, Arsenal red-card machine Granit Xhaka popped the question to his girlfriend Leonita Lekaj while on vacation in Miami. 

Granit Xhaka

Dat suit tho. Photo: @NBCSportsSoccer | Twitter

One can assume Xhaka’s manager will appreciate Xhaka’s wedding more than this one.  

On Saturday, former Manchester United and current Lyon winger Memphis Depay had the courage to propose to Steve Harvey’s daughter while wearing shorts, a short-sleeved coat and a bowtie. 

Steve Harvey, host of Family Feud and upper-lip caterpillar aficionado, even took time out of hanging out on a boat with his own trophy wife to tweet out the good news.


Perhaps more interesting than these photos of weddings and proposals are what these players put on social media just prior. They just might determine how successful these marriages will be. 

De Bruyne paid tribute to his agent by saying “Already 10 years by my side!” Perhaps that sentiment would have been better used for his wife?

In the last post before his wedding photo, Smalling sent out a tweet referring to his best friend. Hint: He was referring to his new wife.

Memphis, meanwhile, apparently already knew what he had before proposing. Two days before tweeting “She said yes,” he sent out this tweet referring to his girlfriend as his wife. 

We wish all the young lovers the best. At least until soccer season rolls back around, at which point they need to turn all their focus to the team. 

Unfortunately, none of the weddings will live up to the class, splendor and opulence of this wedding from over the weekend. 

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