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Soccer, Meet Billiards. New Hybrid Game A Must See.

People are always combining soccer with other sports. We’ve posted about foot golf, bike soccer and even table tennis soccer, but this may be our favorite hybrid combo of the game yet. 

We bring you Snookball. 

For those that don’t know, snooker is a game similar to pool. We’re not going to go into complete detail about snooker, because Snookball is actually more like pool than it is like snooker. But, let's be honest, "Snookball" sounds better than "Poccer," "Sool," or (worst of all) "Pooball."

The sport was invented by a couple of French entrepreneurs and it is played on a giant billiards table that everyone can walk on. Instead of using a cue stick, the player uses his or her feet. Pool balls are replaced by size 5 soccer balls. 

There are two specific game types that you can play. The different variations of the game are called “game of 8” and “game of 9.” Game of 8 is pretty much a standard game of pool. Whoever pockets the first ball gets to have their pick between solid and stripes and needs to make all of their balls before hitting in the 8 ball. Game of 9 is much simpler, as the goal is just to hit the 9 ball in before your opponent. 

The cool thing is, you can definitely come up with your own rules and plenty of other games on your own. If you play with four players, or 2v2, you’re allowed to pass to your teammate before they fire a one-timer at the desired target. Yeah, it’s awesome and we really want a setup in our offices here at The18. 

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