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Rumors Of A 20-Team Serie A Tournament In The U.S. During The World Cup Might Be Worst Idea Ever

Italian media outlet TuttoMercatoWeb has released a wild story reporting Serie A is planning a 20-team tournament in the United States during the 2022 World Cup.

According to the report, the plan would be to follow a similar structure of the World Cup, with group-stage games and an eventual final. If Italy qualifies for the World Cup, then this would likely be a tournament to keep some of the less talented players in shape for the month-long break from league play.

Serie A playing in a tournament in the U.S. sounds like a cool idea on paper, but when you think harder about the circumstances, it’s a horrible idea.

Who The Hell Is Going To Watch?

Picture yourself 10 months from now. You’re doing your fair share of holiday shopping and life is quite busy. You get your soccer fix by waking up early to watch the World Cup games. Are you really going to go out to your city’s MLS stadium to watch Spezia play Bologna?

The weather will be a nightmare alone, meaning this tournament will have to take place in either Florida or California. The NFL season will be in full swing, so none of those stadiums will be available. What is the plan here?

Why Not Play This Same Tournament In Italy?

Playing a tournament when players could be taking a much-needed break is a bad idea to begin with. Forcing the players to fly across the Atlantic away from their families to play in a meaningless tournament is extra evil.

If Serie A wants this to happen, then do it where there are actual fanbases. I don’t want to watch Juventus’ B team play in Dignity Health Sports Park with 1,000 fans in attendance. Let the players be closer to their families and play in front of fans.

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