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San Diego’s NWSL Team Reveals New Name That Immediately Starts A Rivalry With Kansas City Current

Less than two weeks after the Kansas City Current revealed its new team name and logo, the National Women’s Soccer League’s newest expansion team in San Diego announced its new name. The Current now has its biggest rival: San Diego Wave FC.

San Diego Wave FC

The Current was quick to get the rivalry between the two forms of water movement underway.

Where Is The Logo?

It appears that San Diego is taking the Angel City FC approach and doing reveals for the team’s name and logo separately. Angel City released its name on Oct. 21, 2021, and didn’t release the logo/crest until June 30, 2021. San Diego will have until Spring 2022 to finalize its identity before the club's maiden season.

Reaction To New Name

In my opinion this is another solid team name to enter the fray of American soccer. The NWSL hasn’t succumbed to the naming pitfall that Major League Soccer has of just slapping “FC” or “SC” onto a city name.

The “Wave” part of the name is a fantastic nod to the identity of San Diego. Overall, I’d rate the new name for San Diego’s NWSL team an 8/10.

If any NWSL team wants to take a cheeky jab at San Diego Wave FC, then I recommend making a highlight or pump-up video with the instrumental of IDK and Denzel Curry’s “No Wave.” You don’t have to credit me for the idea, I just want to see it happen.

Here was how the internet reacted to San Diego’s new name.

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