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Ronaldinho’s Demands For A New Club Are Very Simple

For 37-year-old Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, a return to the professional game isn’t that farfetched. The iconic No. 10 last appeared for Fluminense back in 2015, but he’s spent the last couple of years appearing in friendlies for various causes and trotting out for the Barcelona Legends side.

In those matches, it’s become evident that Ronaldinho is no longer capable of getting up and down the pitch (he’s no longer an attacking midfielder so much as he is all-time-offense), but he still has a God-like first touch, bushels of creativity and the ability to contort the ball like a magician.

Having said that, Ronaldinho never really retired from the game. His contract with Fluminense was terminated because he was physically a shadow of his former self, but Ronnie’s next potential destination has been football fodder ever since.

The question has been recently put to R10, and his reply showed a man willing to give it another go, but only if very specific conditions are met.


The wages would likely need to be astronomical as well, but that’s it. Ronaldinho will play for your club, provided they don’t make him train. For me, this is essentially a come-and-get-me plea issued to DP-less Minnesota United.

The arrangement could be simple: Ronaldinho doesn’t have to train, he starts every away match and he’s used as a super sub in home matches. Why?

Because it literally doesn’t matter what Minnesota United do in away matches (they’re currently 0-7-2 in that department), so having a stationary man out there doesn’t hurt.

In home matches, he could be brought out in anticipation of a late dead ball opportunity. Ronaldinho doesn’t have to move much to strike a ball like this. 

For any club in a similar situation, this just makes sense. 

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