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These Ronaldinho Liga MX Highlights Will Make You Weep In Nostalgia

These Ronaldinho Liga MX highlights are a treasure for the ages. Especially now that the Brazilian legend has announced his retirement from professional football.

Ronaldinho was a force of nature and a worldwide phenomenon. Therefore, many were baffled by his signing for Liga MX's Club Querétaro back in 2014.

Ronaldinho at Queretaro

Photo: @politico_oaxaca | Twitter

Having shined in Barcelona between 2003-2008, the Brazilian star underwent some rocky years in his career that distanced him from the spotlight.

Even when he found some of his former glory playing for AC Milan in 2008-2011, it was arguably his time at Brazilian league's Atletico Mineiro where he began looking like himself again.

His contribution to the team led the club to win no less than its first ever Copa Libertadores trophy in early 2014.

And then, out of nowhere, it was announced that Ronaldinho would play in Mexico. Fans simply could not believe it. I remember first hearing the news I thought he would be playing for some major team like Club America, Cruz Azul, Monterrey or Tigres.

However, Ronaldinho signed for the quite modest "Gallos Blancos," leaving a whole country bewildered.

His presentation at Estadio Corregidora was sheer madness. The man had a full stadium chanting his name in ecstasy. Needless to say, all of Querétaro's home and away matches were packed.

Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the Brazilian star whose light had shined so brightly.

Ronaldinho Gallos

Photo: @laaficion | Twitter

Ronaldinho's joy and love for the beautiful game was outright contagious. He even led Club Querétaro to almost winning their first ever Liga MX title, which they ultimately lost to Santos Laguna in a final that ended with an aggregate score of 5-4.

Arguably though, the time Ronaldinho shined the brightest in Liga MX was the day Club América hosted Querétaro at Estadio Azteca, one of the uncontested cathedrals of world football. 

Even though Ronaldinho did not make the starting eleven, the Azteca was full of people anxiously waiting for him to get on the pitch. 

And the man needed only a handful of minutes to prove his worth. Coming in as a sub in the second half, Ronaldinho scored his first goal of the night in the 85th minute after a blistering counter-attack. 

Querétaro and Club América fans alike celebrated his goal. Nobody cared Querétaro was trashing "Las Águilas" 3-0 before their own supporters. It was an hommage to one of the most magical players to play the game.

However, Ronaldinho was not satisfied and went on to score a remarkable goal from outside the box with a finesse touch bordering the sublime thus achieving a remarkable brace.

Not long after Ronaldinho's second goal the referee blew the final whistle.

It was amazing to watch the whole Estadio Azteca standing on its feet cheering for Ronaldinho.

The moment was so emotional it brought him to tears as he remembered the time the Santiago Bernabeu offered him a similar gesture of recognition.

The greatest players have made their mark at Estadio Azteca. Both Pelé and Maradona won the World Cup there. Ronaldinho was no exception. He was worshipped as a true idol in one of soccer's most sacred temples.

Ronaldinho worship

Photo: @RectanguloVerde | Twitter

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