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Roman Abramovic Uses Technology As Chelsea's Secret Weapon

The beautiful game is constantly evolving and adapting with the times and technology on and off the pitch. A perfect example of this is the technology used by London and Premier League giants, Chelsea FC.

They aren't only known all over the world because of word of mouth and televised matches; they also have one of the biggest social media followings in the world. With around 55 million followers across all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine), Chelsea are always in touch with a vast majority of their fans. What sets the club apart isn't its social following, though. Most teams nowadays have a following on social media, whether it's big or not.

The main factor that separates Chelsea from most other clubs is their technology-driven communication between players and backroom staff, as well as between players. As one example, there aren't many teams who use the popular group messaging app “WHATSAPP." Chelsea have a group message for all their players out on loan, all 33 of them, as well as one for all the players at Stamford Bridge playing for the first team.

That said, what puts the club leaps and bounds ahead of any other team in football is Roman Abramovich and his personal transfer target and scouting app. That's right, the owner of the London club had an app created for him to keep tabs on all aspects of his transfer targets and to keep in touch with his scouts – all from his iPad.

It’s safe to say Chelsea are setting the bar high for how clubs conquer the transfer window and get the players they want, as well as make sure they are always in touch with their players on loan or not. Clubs should take this as a chance to step up their game and get with the times. We're sure, given the way this season is going, Abramovich is hoping his technology helps Chelsea have a productive January transfer window.

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