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Stop hurting Brenden! Ream and Robinson both foul Aaronson as Fulham win EPL Super Bowl

Fulham defeated Leeds United 2-1 on Saturday in the highly anticipated USMNT showdown between the duos of Weston McKennie and Brenden Aaronson vs. Tim Ream and Antonee Robinson.

The American quartet sat down for a humorous interview ahead of Saturday’s game with the four players laughing and joking around.

For Saturday's 90 minutes the love was lost as the two duos fought for three points at Craven Cottage. 

Both Ream and Robinson fouled Aaronson in the game to leave the Medford Messi rolling on the ground.

Ream and Robinson foul Aaronson

Obviously, we’re not actually upset that Ream and Robinson tackled Aaronson. They are paid to do everything they can to get the three points for their club and both sets of players know that.

Now if Ream or Robinson had two-foot tackled Aaronson to try and break his leg then we’d be upset, but these two fouls on the American are just part of the game.

The Fulhamerica duo had the better performances on the day with Robinson assisting the second goal and playing a role in the buildup to the first. Technically it doesn’t count as an assist on the second goal but we say close enough.

Ream supplied Fulham with another masterful performance at center back. The man ages like fine wine.

The American Leeds boys had days to forget. McKennie looked poor and lost possession 10 times before being hooked in the 80th minute.

Aaronson getting fouled by his American counterparts were really his only highlights as he didn’t record any shots, successful dribbles or accurate crosses.

With six games left in the season Leeds are in serious danger of relegation sitting one point ahead of 18th placed Everton.

Meanwhile Fulham have their sights set on the club’s all-time EPL point record of 53 points which was achieved in 2008-09. Fulham currently sit ninth in the league with 45 points and seven games left to play.

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