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Robin Van Persie Likely Heading To Fenerbahce

It appears Robin van Persie is leaving the EPL for a move to Turkish club Fenerbahce. Van Persie's agent, Kees Vos, spent two days in Istanbul with the Turkish club negotiating a fair deal for the Dutch striker.

It would seem, though, that van Persie’s wife would have the final say in all of this. After spending a week in the heart of Istanbul, she apparently grew fond of the city. Even Dutch teammate and former Fenerbahce player Dirk Kuyt had a say in the matter, expressing a desire to see van Persie in Turkey.

Once finalized, the deal  would see van Persie at Fenerbahce for four years. According to Sky Sports, van Persie is completing the requested medical releases and is set to be positioned as the new striker for Fenerbahce early this week.

The 31-year-old striker, who has been a magician for both club and country, could be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this move. Though Fenerbahce are no slouch in Turkey, they are definitely no Manchester United. Could van Persie see the same numbers as past seasons? Probably, but most likely not.

Van Persie, who Man United picked up from Arsenal in 2012, has not played to the liking of manager Louis van Gaal. Van Persie saw scant minutes while playing this past season and scored a smattering of goals that neither helped nor hindered his position with the club.

Does the transfer of Robin van Persie from the EPL to Fenerbahce mean anything with the change of regime on the Dutch national side? I guess only time will tell. The Netherlands are scheduled for a match with Iceland Sept. 3.

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