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Reading FC Kit Makes Strong Statement On Climate Change

EFL Championship side Reading FC released its 2022-23 home kit Monday. The Reading kit, featuring a sleeve design that's attention grabbing and even shocking, is a statement on an issue that's often ignored by the soccer community. 

Newest Reading Kit Features Climate Stripes 

The kit features Reading’s traditional blue and white hoops, but the sleeves are notably different. Each stripe on the sleeve represents the change in temperature in Berkshire, where Reading's located, over the club’s 150-year history. 

Blue stripes represent a year that's cooler than average, while red stripes represent a hotter than average year. The corresponding blue-to-red gradient on the sleeve tells a story of rapid warming in Britain and around the world. 

The design was masterminded by climate scientist and University of Reading professor Ed Hawkins, who first came up with the climate stripes concept in 2018. 

“The stripes are designed to start conversations around the climate crisis and inspire action,” the club said in a statement. “Reading Football Club are near the start of that conversation, but are beginning to take action.”

While the kits themselves are made from recycled materials, Reading have also launched a club-wide sustainability initiative designed to reduce the club’s carbon footprint. More on that initiative here.

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