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Rapid Fire Reds: This Referee Has Had Enough!

You know how you can tell if a rivalry is steeped in history and passion? When a single overzealous tackle turns into a 22 man brawl. And do you know what passed this qualification with flying colors? Brazil’s Clássico dos Milhões, or Derby of Millions, which has such a gaudy name because it is the biggest rivalry in Brazil. Over half of people who identify as fans of Brazilian soccer have a stake in the match, either supporting Flamengo or Vasco. And being based in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, it is the crown jewel of Brazilian soccer. 

As mentioned, however, this crown jewel reminded everyone about the passion with which it is cut. 

Many people who have seen this video have drawn attention the calmness with which the referee acted in this situation, and rightly so. We really can’t think of a way that this guy could have handled 22 angry men who are all in better shape that he is, fighting with one another. He just sits back, let’s boys be boys, and then bam, bam, bam, bam, like a black jack dealer in Vegas on his last hand before happy hour, slings out four reds and proceeds to give zero f***s about what anyone has to say. That’s world-class refereeing.

The man deserves a bonus for the shift he put in that day, or at the very least some sort of signed agreement from players and fans that they won’t get overly mad at him during the next 7 fixtures he officiates. That would have to be worth its weight in gold to a referee, we would think. 

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