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This Quote From Chicharito Shows Why You Should Not Doubt Him As He Moves To Germany

He was going through yet more hardship at Manchester United after struggling last season at Real Madrid. It seemed like de ja vu, only worse, because of the simple fact that he was back to square one, regressing. At Real Madrid he at least took one step forward by virtue of leaving Manchester United for a bigger club, which made his struggles understandable and eventual success more respectable. Struggling back at United made it seem like he had lost everything he had gained at the end of his stint at Madrid. 

Players lose confidence during such stretches in their careers – it’s not hard to get down on yourself when you see your life returning to the way it was at a time when you were simply not as good as you knew you could be — and you could argue that Chicharito has done exactly that. But, no matter how unconvincing he might be on the field, it appears his attitude off it is as resilient as ever. 

Speaking on his transfer to the German standouts, Chicharito had this to say:

"I want to go back to feeling important and happy. I want to find happiness. Bayer made me feel important and loved and coming here was not a difficult decision to make. They made me feel wanted.”

He doesn’t speak of disappointment; he speaks of wanting to feel important. That, in combination of his desire to “find happiness,” shows that he is ready to accept a new challenge. He is bravely accepting his situation, not lamenting what could have been. 

"I want to help and achieve important things. I have felt very loved. I hope to accomplish things in my head and in my heart. I now want to experience the Bundesliga. It's an attacking league, and appeals to me." 

Strikers can never run from pressure, and Chicharito never has. This season, just like his last, could be a major turning point for Chicharito’s career, and again it is up to him to make sure that he turns in the right direction. 

Bayer Leverkusen is the right place for Chicharito. It is a place where he can take the next step in his growth as a player: becoming an established starter. Should he do so, he will have taken it from a striker in Stefan Kiessling that has owned the role for the greater part of the decade, and will have done so in a team that has finished in the top four of arguably the best league in the world 4 out of the last 5 years. It will take determination off the field and results on it, but Chicharito has the skill, attitude, and experience to rise to the challenge. 

All of this means that the Mexican National Team could very well feature the very best Chicharito yet when it competes in the 2016 Copa America Centenario, 2017 Gold Cup, and 2018 World Cup. One that is talented, quick, experienced, and maybe, just maybe, ready to be the kind of striker that can carry the team when it needs him most.  

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