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Queretaro Player Receives A Red Card…And Then Punches Opponent

This past weekend, Mexican side Queretaro lost to Chiapas 2 to 1. Normally that would be the headline, but it seems a certain Queretaro player wanted to overshadow the result of the match. No, not Ronaldinho.

Quarter midfielder Willian was sent off, but merely saying that Willian was sent off would be like describing a freeway pile-up as little more than “a coming together.” Just watch.                                                             


As you can see, Willian saw red in more ways than one. Well, just two, if we are being exact. 

First, we have the tackle, which we are pretty sure frustrated Willian even more because he probably wanted to cleave off his victim’s left leg with his foot. That is our best guess, because after the foul he seems to be even more angry. 

He is so enraged that one could argue he never really noticed he was sent off. He might as well have been a ball of anger that knew no inhibitions or fear. How else do you explain him following up that horrific tackle with a roundhouse punch *right in from of the referee!* Who does that?!?

Go home, Willian. You’re drunk on anger.  

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