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Watch The Crazy Scenes As PSG Fans Invade Madrid Ahead Of Champions League Clash

Paris is supposed to be the most romantic city in the world. The City of Lights, with its Eiffel Tower, Gothic architecture and delicious bread, is the ideal place for couples in love to spend Valentine’s Day. But these PSG fans either didn’t get that memo or just care more about their football club than their significant other.

PSG fans descended upon Madrid in droves on Wednesday ahead of the highly anticipated Real Madrid vs. PSG Champions League Round of 16 match. The atmosphere for the first leg, at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, was lit hours well before the match even kicked. 

Parisians started showing up in Madrid well before the Feb. 14 match. In fact, PSG itself sent a few French freestylers to the streets of the Spanish capital to embarrass a few Real Madrid fans ahead of the game. 

It was fun banter, but nothing compared to the PSG fans who arrived on game day. Check out these French fans singing and dancing in the subway.

Here’s the same scene from the view of the supporters themselves. 

Closer to the Bernabéu, fans were getting more riled up, filling the streets 

Here are some more PSG fans marching around the stadium.

From up close, you see the PSG fans are properly preparing with the appropriate adult beverages. 

And for good measure, two more videos as darkness descends on Madrid.

PSG fans will be excited by the fact their club is undefeated on Valentine’s Day, with seven wins and three draws. Last year, birthday boys Edinson Cavani and Angel di Maria combined for three goals against Barcelona on Valentine’s Day. 

Whether they’re still as excited after the match as they were before remains to be seen. Either way, it should be a fun game to watch, especially as both teams know the Champions League is the only real way to obtain success this season.

Fortunately for us Americans back stateside, we get to watch the Real Madrid vs. PSG match in the afternoon and still have plenty of time to go home and spend Valentine’s Day night alone with our cats

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