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Pedro Wonder Goal Will Make You Wonder If He's Left-Footed

Pedro's left-footed goal against Everton today was so good it almost (almost) made me forget that, as a Tottenham fan, I'm supposed to hate Chelsea – especially at the moment as the Spurs sit four points behind in the race for the Premier League title.

It most certainly was good enough for me to question whether or not Pedro is left-footed.

Given the fact he plays the left wing, I suspected he was right-footed. But, who can blame a momentary lapse into uncertainty? Certainly not Thierry Henry who, even after playing with Pedro at Barcelona, is not sure which is Pedro's preferred foot.

"We're talking about a guy who was playing in the best team in the world for a very long time," Henry told Sky Sports after the goal. "I still don't know if he's right- or left-footed, but man, that is a goal."

It is a goal. At the 66' against Everton, Pedro picked up the ball at the edge of the box and placed it perfectly into the top corner.


And here's another angle for your viewing pleasure.

As much as I really want to dislike Pedro for starting a scoring run that would result in a 3-0 victory for Chelsea – and, in turn, a slim chance Tottenham will make a late-season run for the title – this goal's simply too good to dislike.

Oh, and for the record, according to a guy named "Senor Jose" with a Tom and Jerry icon on Yahoo Answers, Pedro is actually right-footed. Unless we're to believe "Vaz Carefree," also of Yahoo Answers, who states unequivocally that Pedro is left-footed but then concedes, "It's hard to tell." 

Hard to tell indeed.

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Pedro Wonder Goal

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