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Pablo Mastroeni And Clint Dempsey Want The East-West MLS All-Star Game To Come Back

MLS All-Stars and Colorado Rapids coach Pablo Mastroeni said at the MLS All-Star Game press conference Monday that he thinks it might be time to bring back the old East vs. West format for the game, one used by other major sports leagues in the U.S. 

"I think moving forward, as this league continues to develop, I think there's a shout to kind of reconsider that East vs. West, as you continue to get great talent coming in, to showcase all of it in a way that's ultra-competitive," Mastroeni said.

"Maybe, this is me just kind of speaking out of turn here, but, you know, Major League baseball does this where if the West wins, the West hosts the MLS Cup, and that's just super exciting stuff to think about. But, as far as the format as it stands, it provides great entertainment, great excitement and a really competitive game."

One of Mastroeni's All-Stars agreed with his (temporary) coach.

"I like the East and West thing as well. I think the more players you reward the better, but at the same time it is cool to be able to play against some top clubs," Said Clint Dempsey.

It seems unlikely that the MLS All-Star Game format will change soon, and Mastroeni is at least content with the way things are now. 

"This format has been very exciting, very entertaining, and I think this game against Tottenham will be no different," Mastroeni said.  

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