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NWSL in hot water after fans discover true price of the pathetic Shield trophy

Alex Morgan and San Diego Wave FC finished top of the NWSL table on Sunday in the club’s second-ever season. Morgan and the team were awarded the NWSL Shield trophy and to say the silverware was underwhelming is an understatement.

NWSL Shield trophy disappoints

After 22 games San Diego Wave triumphed after a hotly contested season with just six points separating first and seventh.

Finishing top of the table is a remarkable reward and deserves a trophy that reflects that. The NWSL Shield is reflective alright, but that’s because it’s a pie platter… not a shield.

Yes. That is what Morgan was handed to celebrate with. This wasn’t some prank, the NWSL Shield trophy is perhaps the worst in sports.

The NWSL Shield trophy debacle only got worse when fans discovered its price online. The award cost the league around $60. What was the NWSL thinking?

Here was how fans reacted after seeing the coveted pie platter.

To give you a reminder of what an actual Shield trophy is supposed to look like. Here are some examples from Major League Soccer and the annual FA Community Shield.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The word “shield” is an important part to consider. The trophies are called shields because of the old tradition of soldiers being honored by being given a shield as a sort of plaque.

How the hell are Morgan and the Wave supposed to use a pie platter as a shield? 

On the bright side the NWSL revealed redesigns for the championship and MVP trophies. 

It looks like all the budget for trophies went to these two awards, so they had to settle on the $60 pie platter for the NWSL Shield.

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