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The Internet Hillariously Scorns Neymar For His Performance vs. Real Madrid

Real Madrid vs PSG was electric. Two of the richest soccer clubs in the world faced each other in the most expected clash in the Champions League round of sixteen. And it was absolutely high voltage.

Of course, soccer fans around the planet were also itching for the Cristiano Ronaldo vs Neymar duel. 

With Real Madrid having only the Champions League to redeem a rather catastrophic season in local competitions, it looked as if PSG had a chance of burying 'Los Blancos' hopes. 

Neymar would be tasked to lead the offense.

Cristiano vs Neymar

@SC_ESPN | Twitter

On the other side, Cristiano Ronaldo would assume the leadership for 'Los Merengues'.

When PSG took the lead in the first half after a simply wonderful back-heel assist by Neymar, it seemed as if the Brazilian star would outplay his Portuguese counterpart.

However, Ronaldo scored via penalty kick and from that moment the tables definitely turned.

Besides becoming the first player to ever score one hundred Champions League goals for one team, Ronaldo scored a brace in the 82nd minute and gave Madrid the lead.

Later, Marcelo scored a third goal for 'Los Blancos', setting the definite score at 3-1.

Neymar failed to make a difference for his team and therefore he has been scorned by the merciless tribunal of the internet.

Other than his brilliant assists, one of Neymar's highlights in the game was a ruthless tackle on Nacho. 

Oh, and also pegging the referee in the face.

So all things considered, we thought you might enjoy reading people slamming Neymar on Twitter.

Do you think Neymar will be able to redeem himself on March 6 wen PSG host Real Madrid in the second leg?

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