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Montpellier Realizes Embarrassing Typo On Jerseys Four Matches Into Season

Remember those awful spelling tests growing up? The ones that seemed so pointless because everything has spellcheck these days? Well, maybe your teacher had a point; maybe those exercises weren’t so useless after all.

Four matches into the Ligue 1 season, Montpellier realized the club’s jerseys, both official and fan-bought, were produced with a typo on the team crest located on the left breast of the shirt. Montpellier was spelled with one ‘L’ instead of two, even though it's spelled correctly on the right side of the chest. Oof.

Montpellier, which won its one and only Ligue 1 title in 2012 behind a league-best 21 goals from Olivier Giroud, put out a press release upon realizing the mistake. The club said fans can trade their jerseys in for correct versions and was quick to point out Nike was not responsible for the gaffe. 


As bad as “Montpelier” is, it’s understandable. Looking at the above photo, it’s easy to miss the typo at a quick glance. Plus, Montpelier is also a city, the capital of Vermont. 

And it could’ve been worse. Here are some other club names that could have much worse one-letter typos:

  • Bayern Munch
  • Wolfsburp
  • Tottenham Hotsurs
  • Manchester Untied
  • Assenal
  • West Broom
  • Toke City
  • Newcattle United
  • Espanyolo
  • AS Romp
  • Mantarrey
  • Philadelphia Onion

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