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Miguel Herrera Confident Mexico Will Win The Copa America And Gold Cup

The coach of the Mexican National Team, Miguel Herrera, has signed a new contract that will keep him managing Mexico until 2018, and he has wasted no time in discussing his plans for his team. 

In a recent interview, Herrera stated that he expects to not only put forth a competitive team for Mexico’s two upcoming tournaments this summer, he expects Mexico to be successful in 2015.

Explaining that Mexico has an “obligation” to win everything they are involved in over the coming year, Herrera pulled no punches about his goals and the realities surrounding them. 

“Winning the Copa America in 2015 is difficult, but we will try to reach the end,” said Herrera, who reminded the press that Mexico will have a strong team available, not “a team B.”

Between the Copa America and the Gold Cup, the Copa America is undoubtedly the harder tournament of the two. It is predominantly a South American competition, which means that Mexico will likely have to go through one or more of the likes of Brazil, Argentina, or Columbia in order to make the final. 

That Herrera’s goal is to make the finals of the tournament amid such quality of opposition surely means that he expects to win the comparatively weak Gold Cup. The United States has long been the only true competition for Mexico, and while the U.S. is getting stronger every year, Herrera and Mexico have every reason to like there chances against the Americans. 

Stars like Javier “Chicarito” Hernandez, Carlos Vela, and up-and-comers such as Jesus “El Tecatito” Corona are all rounding into form this year, and the rest of Mexico’s roster has experience to balance its youthfulness and star power.  

The Copa America is definitely a step up in competition, but Herrera has every reason to believe that his team can compete. And make no mistake, Mexico will have to compete immediately.

Mexico shares its Copa America group with Chile, who will be the hardest challenge of Mexico’s group stage. Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal are world class players, and the rest of the Chilean roster is nothing to laugh at; but with a roster his own that is truly starting to come together, Herrera has every right to be optimistic. 

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