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Miguel Herrera Believes Mexico Is Getting Shafted At The Gold Cup

According to ESPNFC, Mexico head coach Miguel Herrera believes that his team is getting treated unfairly at the Gold Cup, citing that, because of the ticket sales that his team drives, it should get better travel accommodations. 

"What surprises me is that Mexico fills the box offices and causes stadiums to sell out, [but] in all this process they have treated us differently, they have cut certain things," Herrera said.

"The flights are not organized. Two teams and the people from CONCACAF get on [to the plane], we're all squeezed in and the bags don't fit.

The lack of organization has lead to Mexico arriving at the team’s hotel 2 hours late on one occasion, and getting delayed in New Jersey because they had too much baggage on another. 

Herrera’s comments are not based on fiction. Mexico are one of the most popular teams at the 2015 Gold Cup. The average attendance of each of Mexico’s 4 games at the tournament has been over 60,000, a number that only the United States can match.   

Whether or not these travel accommodations have been to blame for any of Mexico’s underwhelming play on the field is up for debate, but the fact that Herrera is talking to the press about flight delays and not victories is a bad for fans of El Tri. 

Mexico’s next game is the Gold Cup semifinal against Panama on Wednesday, July 22 at 9 PM EST. It is expected to be a sellout. 

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