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Neymar seeks to take record for most international assists from… Landon Donovan!?

UPDATE: Neymar did record an assist vs. Peru meaning that he has tied the record.

American fans were rather surprised this week to learn that United States men’s national team legend Landon Donovan holds the all-time international record for most assists with 58.

Listen, we knew he had quite a few assists for the USMNT, but we don’t think many people knew that he had more than any man in international soccer history.

Record for most international assists

Most International assists by a USMNT player

U.S. Soccer's official list for men's players with the most assists.

Neymar bagged an assist vs. Bolivia on Saturday meaning his assist total for Brazil is now at 57, just one behind Donovan.

The Al-Hilal superstar has already broken one record this international break as the two goals he scored vs. Bolivia made him Brazil’s top scorer in history, surpassing Pelé.

Lionel Messi isn’t out of the conversation for most international assists either as he's only five behind Donovan.

Donovan retired from international play almost a decade ago as he hung up his USMNT boots in 2014.

It’s a shame that the USMNT legend has held a world record for so many years and we’re only now finding out. It’s likely his record could get tied or broken Tuesday night as Brazil play Peru in a World Cup qualifier.

The good people of Peru are performing some sort of witchcraft to try and stop Neymar, we can only hope this ritual stifles assists.

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