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Memphis Depay Should Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity After What He Did To This Defender

The UN should look into Memphis Depay for crimes against humanity because he just ended Angers center back Mateo Pavlovic on Friday.

Lyon cruised to a 6-0 win with Depay and Moussa Dembélé scoring two apiece, but it was the Depay assist vs Angers that was the highlight of the match (unless you’re the Pavlovic family, which is now forced to deal with life without Mateo).

With the match already long decided, the Stade des Lumières went wild in the 72nd minute when Depay, long-since having shrugged off the title of Manchester United castoff, latched on to a long ball over the top in the Angers box. Depay then shook Pavlovic into the next century with not one but two nasty turns before laying the ball off to Jean Lucas for the sixth and final goal.

Good god, y’all.

The goal was Jean Lucas’ first since joining Lyon from Flamengo in the summer. The 21-year-old defensive midfielder wasn’t brought on to score goals, but when you get a set-up like that, you better finish. 

Lyon has now scored nine goals through two Ligue 1 matches after thrashing Monaco 3-0 in the season opener last week. There’s still a long way to go, but the club might actually give PSG a challenge after no club came within 15 points of the Parisians last season. 

Here are the rest of the goals from Lyon’s rout of Angers.

Lyon vs Angers Highlights

Lyon and Depay are already in midseason form.

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