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Mechanic Scores Greatest Rabona Of All Time

Welcome to the lower depths of English football, where the pitches are 90% mud, the players have proper jobs and attendances are in double figures. Welcome to a place where you can bring your dog to watch football and the subs’ bench is just that. Welcome, my friends, to the Football Conference.

But don’t let us fool you into thinking the Conference is some sort of footballing hovel. Lord no. As we’re about to demonstrate, the Conference is home to the man responsible for possibly the finest Rabona ever scored.

Step forward Worcester City’s Sean Geddes, by day a mechanic, by night Worcester’s creative midfielder extraordinaire. As a youth, Geddes was a trainee at Manchester United alongside the likes of Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley, but for whatever reason he never made it to the big time. Judging by the breathtaking brilliance of the Rabona’d 20 yard lob he scored this weekend against Barrow, United’s loss was Worcester’s gain.

We’d hate for you to think that, just because a semi-professional footballer can pull off such a party-piece, executing the Rabona is a doddle. It really isn’t.

Just ask England and Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Dunn...


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