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Marco Fabian’s Golazo Is Exactly What Chivas Needed

If you found yourself outside this past Sunday, walking around, enjoying the nice weather, and you were startled by an inexplicable gust of wind, relax. We know where this weather anomaly came from. 

Chivas de Guadalajara have won a soccer game in Clausura 2015, and countless Chivas fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. 

For those fans, the win is proof that the sky is not, in fact, falling and that their club really does stand a chance of avoiding relegation. Belief has returned, but its place in the club could be as precarious as the relegation battle itself.  

For all the reassurance that the win has provided, Chivas are still second in the relegation table. That means that the emotional roller coaster that occurred between last week’s loss and this past weekend’s win is due for a few more runs. As the support of the fans and the club’s belief waivers, the only thing more important than winning is raising the middle ground. 

That need is why Chivas’ win against Pumas matters so much. At home, in front of a packed Estadio Omnilife, Chivas scored two great goal, one of which is being hailed as an early contender for goal of the season. They won with style and class. Marco Fabian’s long range blast did not just set the tone for the game, but it lifted the outlook on the whole season. 

Sports rides on the emotions of the people participating both on and off the field and, re-watching the goal above, it is safe to say that the emotion felt by that entire stadium was one of complete exaltation. Every Chivas fan in the stadium was going crazy, for the goal, for the team, for the future. In that moment, all thoughts of relegation were forgotten. 

Such a wave of emotion always, eventually breaks, but this one may have raised the club's optimism about its future a few notches. In a season in which belief varies as often as the tide, sometimes that belief is more important than anything.   

Even if Chivas lose their next game, the fallout will not reach the levels it would have if Chivas had beaten Pumas 1-0 in an ugly, drawn-out affair. Not only have people now seen the quality the club can produce, but Chivas produced it in front of a packed Estadio Omnilife. That goal, securing that win, in front of that crowd did more for Chivas’ season than any other win might have. It raised the club’s middle ground.

Performances like the one Chivas had against Pumas do not guarantee that a club will have an amazing season, but they are the calling card of a great club. As unrealistic as it is to think that Chivas can reproduce such magic weekend after weekend, that should be the club’s goal. 

If it keeps doing so, Chivas will eventually find itself where it was always meant to be: at the top of the table competing with América for the title. 

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