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Watch Marcelo Go From The Brink Of Death To Insane Pass To Ronaldo

With all the big stars on display for the Real Madrid vs PSG match on Wednesday, leave it to Brazilian left back Marcelo to steal the show in the opening moments of the game. Marcelo went from screaming bloody murder to providing one of the sweetest passes of the match in about 20 minutes’ time. But for a face block, Cristiano Ronaldo would have opened the scoring. 

Matched up against former teammate and current PSG right back Dani Alves, Marcelo found himself on the floor in the ninth minute. The challenge from the PSG player didn’t seem too vicious — certainly not intentional — but it left the Real Madrid man in some apparent pain, screaming as if he had been shot.

At this point, death seemed imminent for young Marcelo. It was truly tragic. The exact extent of the injury was unknown, though you can aways count on Twitter to make a helpful suggestion.

Fortunately, seeing as it’s Ash Wednesday, Jesus came to the rescue and Marcelo was back on the pitch in no time. Are you really surprised Jesus is a Real Madrid fan?

Less than 20 minutes later, Marcelo provided Cristiano Ronaldo a Valentine’s Day gift with a peach of a pass, a cross-field curler right into the path of the greatest goal scorer in Champions League history. Unfortunately, Ronaldo was still shaken up by Marcelo’s earlier injury and instead of finishing with his usual aplomb, he blasted his shot directly into the face of Alphonse Areola, the PSG keeper. But we just want to watch that Marcelo pass again.

Ronaldo eventually scored his 100th career Champions League goal for Real Madrid with a penalty kick right before halftime. He impressively buried the shot despite the ball popping up right before he struck it, which means had the ball not moved he probably would have fluffed his attempt. 

The goal allowed Real Madrid to go into halftime tied 1-1 after Adrien Rabiot scored the opener to give PSG a vital away goal. 

But the Marcelo pass after his apparent on-field death was the real highlight of the day.

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