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Man U Offering €30m + De Gea For Madrid’s Sergio Ramos

It is no secret that Manchester United want a center back. After an offseason last year that saw them bolster their attack and ignore their defense like a frat brother skipping leg day, Manchester United often inspired anxiety rather than faith whenever its back line fell under pressure. In order to remedy that — and add years to their supporters’ lives in the process — they are now rumored to be looking into Real Madrid center back Sergio Ramos.  

Ramos is nothing less that one of the three best center backs in the world. After him, PSG’s Thiago Silva, and Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng, there is a drop off in quality the likes of which truly puts them in a league of their own — not even Mats Hummels deserves to be mentioned along side them after his lack luster performances of the past year. And yet, even in that elite group, Ramos separates himself still: with Real Madrid and Spain, he as won the World Cup, Champions League, two European Championships, La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and Club World Cup. No one can match that record.

Legendary Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has echoed these sentiments, and called out those who believe that Ramos is not worthy of representing the red side of Manchester in the process.  

"I get a bit wound up by the criticism Ramos gets…I think it's disrespectful – he's won nearly 130 caps for Spain! He's not playing for Mickey Mouse teams. I've heard [people] say he hasn't reacted well under pressure and makes mistakes - what defender doesn't make mistakes? If a team like Real Madrid could find a better defender, they would, but they don't. Ramos plays every week, they win everything and people still chip away at him and criticize him. Top-class center backs are a dying breed now, there's very few now compared to years ago. If United don't get Ramos, or don't want to sign him, who else would they get?"

Manchester United are rumored to agree. A transfer package of €30 million plus goal keeping ace David de Gea is reportedly on the table, and that is a deal that Real Madrid would have a very, very hard time turning down. 

Madrid are in need of a goal keeper, with Keylor Navas failing to earn a regular spot over Iker Casillas, and Casillas himself falling further and further off his 2012 perch as the best keeper in the World. De Gea shows potential to reach that level, and Madrid undoubtedly want to make sure that if he realizes it, he realizes it with them. 

On paper, this is a deal that would seem to benefit both sides. Manchester United would lose out on the chance to keep the fastest rising young keeper in the game on their side, but they would be repaid in full with the addition of Ramos. Madrid would get the keeper it wants and needs, and it would make room for its own rising star, Raphael Varane, to truly come into his own. 

This transfer saga is just getting started. 

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